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Would-be bracelets in a chaotic summer



I’m quite happy with this simple bracelet design of beach rocks or sea glass with sterling silver tubing. The bracelets are strung on 1mm elastic. When I made a prototype last winter, I was concerned about the elastic rubbing against the edge of the tube and wearing out. I kept the bracelet near the TV and as Bruce and I watched a movie, I would stretch and pull against the metal tube, counting to 100 stretches, and marking it in my sketchbook. I stretched the elastic over 2,000 times, pulling it directly against the edge of the tube at least 80% of those times. No wear and tear. I also wore the bracelet, a lot, doing daily stuff both on and off the island. The design works!

As I set down to make a few of the bracelets for Alone Moose Gallery in Bar Harbor, yesterday, I could NOT find the silver tubes I ordered a few weeks ago. I looked for 2 hours, combing the house, my studio, everywhere I could think of. I had no “picture” in my mind as to where I had put them. I was looking for a package I was sure I had never opened. 20 sterling silver tubes!  I really hate wasting my time looking for something I have misplaced. It seems like the most stupid use of time there ever was. With a sinking feeling I realized I must have thrown them out.

I finished the necklaces to drop off today at Alone Moose, ate dinner, looked one more time for the tubes, and gave in. I ordered more, and set up some rocks to drill so I would be ready when the tubes arrive. As I gathered the glass cups full of rocks I noticed the edge of an invoice with “Fusion Beads” in the corner. My silver tube beads! Unpacked, but never stored in a likely place.

Is it time to clean my studio or what?!



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No matter how hard I try to keep my bead bench tidy and ready for work,


it always ends up looking like this before my current piece is finished.


It is just the way I work. I wish I kept better order in my studio. The trouble is that as soon as I am looking for beads for one piece, I find beads I would like to combine for the next piece. Then, since I don’t want to forget the combination of beads I just stumbled upon, I leave them out on the bench to work on next. Sometimes the idea for an earring is so impulsive that I stop what I’m doing to make the pair I have in mind. Stuff on top of stuff. This might not be such a problem if I had a bigger studio, but the room is tiny. Eventually, the ideas for “that next piece” end up piling around me on the floor.Image

I’m not complaining though. It feels good to be busy getting ready for the next show. My favorite! The 37th annual Island Arts Association Holiday Fair in Bar Harbor.  Friday, December 2, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturday, December 3, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  At the Atlantic Oceanside Conference Center on Eden Street.

Hey, that’s barely a week away! ( And it’s the reason my blog has been so stale.)


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