Good times at the flu shot clinic

There’s never a dull moment on Little Cranberry Island. To liven things up at this year’s flu shot clinic, the “Spin Your Body Part” option was put into play. Yes, indeed. Instead of getting a boring old shot in the arm, you could spin the arrow and have a new choice for where you would get your inoculation. On my turn at the game, the arrow spun to NECK.

Good times! (Nurse Sharon seemed to really enjoy our new approach.)

This unfortunate fellow came for his first ever flu shot, and the spinner picked….you guessed it!

Seriously, it was great to see so many people show up for their shots. Thank you to Cindy Thomas and Denise McCormick and whoever else helped to set it up for the town. Thanks so much to Sharon Daley for being such a good sport, coming out to the islands on a Saturday, and for administering truly painless inoculations. (No matter where they went.) And thank you to my faithful photographer, Emily Thomas for going along with my Saturday shenanigans.

Okay. Here are the real shots for Sharon’s boss and for David’s other daughter Rachel:


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3 responses to “Good times at the flu shot clinic

  1. crnbrycst

    So funny! You had me going there for a minute…saw you on the boat yesterday!!


  2. You’re such a silly-heart ;)
    I’m glad that you guys could turn something so mundane into such hilarious fun.


  3. Karen Rayne

    I love Islesford!


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