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Exciting mail



It’s big. It’s flat. It’s……..



Flat Stella!! A visitor from my *first-cousin-twice-removed, Claire. Stella comes from Chicago and is hoping to have some adventures on Islesford before she heads to her next destination.

Of course, the first thing I showed Stella, yesterday, was where I drill my rocks.



We thought about going outside, but there was a mix of snow and rain and Stella forgot to pack a raincoat.



Stella asked me about the garden, and I told her we would check it out on Thursday if the weather was okay.

Today was sunny and reasonably warm for a January day in Maine. 45°. Very cold weather is predicted for the next few days, so this was our last chance to harvest the rest of the carrots I planted last summer. It’s kind of unusual that the ground is not yet frozen.






Some of the small carrots were a little rubbery. I guess they had frozen and thawed a few times. But a surprising number of them were still very good. Stella was impressed.



3 1/2 pounds of carrots in January! Pretty cool!



Tomorrow, Stella and I will ride the mailboat.

*Oh, yeah. First cousin twice removed, means that Claire’s grandmother and I are first cousins. Her father Joel, is my first cousin’s son. So Joel is my first cousin once removed. His daughter Claire is my first cousin twice removed. Get it? Once or twice removed has to do with the generational relationship.  The offspring of first cousins are second cousins. As in, my sons are second cousins with Joel. They would be second cousins once removed with Claire.  This always used to confuse me until I learned it at a family dinner party, years and years ago. It was my father’s first cousin Bobby who explained it in a way I could remember. (She would also be my ………….can you figure it out?)

(First cousin once removed. )


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