Daily Archives: January 28, 2013

Finally! Etsy!


I’m fulfilling one of my New Year’s resolutions by finally putting some jewelry back up on Etsy. It seemed so helpful at the time, way back in August, to take some of my jewelry from Etsy and add it to some of my gallery displays. And it really did help me out of a time crunch, but then I never got back to maintaining a presence on Etsy. I hope I’ve learned a lesson. It takes a long time to take a bunch of photographs and then edit them. Why not do a few at a time and keep up a steady pace? That way it might not all get so overwhelming!

(Editing after posting to say that the pair below just sold! Must have been the shark…..)


As for the two other resolutions, I have not been drilling rocks every day I am not off the island. But I am being kinder to myself by not looking at it as a big failure. I’m still drilling rocks more often and building up an inventory of very cool rock beads to use in necklaces.






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