Finally! Etsy!


I’m fulfilling one of my New Year’s resolutions by finally putting some jewelry back up on Etsy. It seemed so helpful at the time, way back in August, to take some of my jewelry from Etsy and add it to some of my gallery displays. And it really did help me out of a time crunch, but then I never got back to maintaining a presence on Etsy. I hope I’ve learned a lesson. It takes a long time to take a bunch of photographs and then edit them. Why not do a few at a time and keep up a steady pace? That way it might not all get so overwhelming!

(Editing after posting to say that the pair below just sold! Must have been the shark…..)


As for the two other resolutions, I have not been drilling rocks every day I am not off the island. But I am being kinder to myself by not looking at it as a big failure. I’m still drilling rocks more often and building up an inventory of very cool rock beads to use in necklaces.






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13 responses to “Finally! Etsy!

  1. Karen Smallwood

    Gorgeous! Love the top hats as well!


  2. I had to go visit your etsy shop before I could leave a comment! :). I find your jewelry to be so absolutley stunnin…and I love your photos and props, too!


  3. Anita Ghaemi Deerwoman Designs

    Glad to see you are putting things on Etsy. I love your work and think it is very creative and unique. I’d LOVE to pin a photo on Pinterest to announce you are adding things to Etsy and give a link to your blog, but i would not do so without your permission.


    • Barb Fernald

      Hi Anita,
      I don’t mind at all if you add something of mine to Pinterest! It is great publicity. If you sell on Etsy it’s a great way to promote your things to a larger audience; just pin them on your Pinterest board.
      Hope you’re doing well!


      • Anita Ghaemi Deerwoman Designs

        Just pinned the ones you have already sold. As well as promoting things I also use Pinterest as a place to store things for reference. I love it.


  4. Anita Ghaemi Deerwoman Designs

    Also, what is your Etsy shop name? I didn’t find it under your name.


  5. Anita Ghaemi Deerwoman Designs

    OOPs found the link


  6. I love those reddish earrings. Your work is so lovely. I admire you for keeping it all going.


    • Barb Fernald

      Thanks Roberta. I admire you for keeping at your artwork until you found the amazing gelatin print technique. It is working so well for you.
      (I sold the red earrings today!)


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