A day of this……

…Sourdough bread lesson on Saturday….



(Fabulous bread made by sweet expectant mama Kaitlyn Duggan above and happy new mama Lindsay Eysnogle below)



…led to a Monday afternoon of this:





Kaitlyn decided it would be a great idea to carve our own bread-rising bowls so she can add them to her bisque firing tomorrow night. Sweet! Thanks Kaitlyn! It was really fun to extend our bread baking endeavors to a related creative activity. Can’t wait to make the next batch of bread with these to see how/if the patterns transfer to the top of  the loaves.







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21 responses to “A day of this……

  1. Are creative spirits drawn to island life or does island life spawn those with enhanced creativity? There seems to be no shortage of talent on the island!


  2. oh. my. gosh. follow up pics REQUIRED! i can’t wait to see what happens with the patterns on the bread….will the bowls be glazed? the carved bowls are just beautiful….xoxo


    • Barb Fernald

      We’re excited to see too! I think the patterns will translate to the bread with flour, but I don’t know how they’ll survive the “oven spring.” (The big rise when the bread is first in the oven.) They won’t be glazed. It was old “junk” clay that Kaitlyn was going to have to toss out. Perfect for this as long as they don’t blow up in the kiln!


  3. Wow! I am having a hard time concentrating on the most exciting part of this post – the babies, the bread, or the bowls!!! Not to mention the cute pups nose staring at the bread in the first picture! I agree – I want to see follow-up pics! You lucky lady!


    • Barb Fernald

      I’ll definitely post some follow up pics, Patti. I am anxious to try my bowl. The babies are pretty exciting. Kaitlyn’s is due at the end of June. Lindsay’s is just a few weeks old. There is another baby due to arrive at the beginning of March. A population explosion!


  4. i’m also inspired to change my ceramics curriculum for next year….


  5. LeAnn

    How much fun!


  6. These bowls look so awesome…ditto to some comments above, can’t wait to see how it works and if the designs hold. This could be a whole new market for the pottery world, quick, Kaitlyn…Barb….patent?? Ha.


  7. Inspiration is a cycle, isn’t it? I had such nice time following that flow with you and Lindsay these past few days, and can’t wait for the next phase!! Kind of like the way sourdough starter works: you get it going and and before you know it you’ve got more than you can keep up with! Ah, the bounty of bread, creativity and creation!


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