Bread rising bowl results

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The rice flour didn’t stay in the bowl indentations without moistening the bowl first. The pattern was faint on the unbaked loaf. With the expansion in the oven, the pattern all but disappeared. So, as means of creating a flour pattern on the sourdough loaf, the rising bowls didn’t work the way we hoped. All three of us had that experience. BUT, as a vessel for holding warmth for a happy little ball of dough as it was rising, the bowls were perfect. I will be using my bowl every time I make sourdough bread. A tangible memory of some happy times spent with island friends!

Meanwhile I am knocking down some dreaded responsibilities one by one. Bruce’s corporate taxes are done, our joint taxes are done, along with my own business figures. It’s time to knock out the next Working Waterfront column. (Due later today of course!) If that goes smoothly I hope to find time to photograph some jewelry this afternoon. A visit to Mom tomorrow and then I’ll whip her figures into shape for her taxes. Outside everything is muddy. I kind of hate this time of year, but oddly enough it goes by as quickly as the rest of the year so why waste precious time complaining eh?


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10 responses to “Bread rising bowl results

  1. Henry Isaacs

    WOW ! ART!


  2. crnbrycst



  3. i think of your bowl as “sunrise”…so the spirit of sunrise will be in every loaf, even if it’s hard to see……do you think it would be possible to season the bowl really well with oil and then bake the loaf right in it?
    21 days (3 weeks!) and counting!


  4. Why did you post this in the morning when I am starving? These loaves looks absolutely delectable and I have wipe the drool off of my keyboard as I am typing this! I can almost taste that crunch on that crust! YUM!


  5. Gorgeous bowl and bread! That bowl is such a wonderful memento of a day well-spent.


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