How DOES she DO it?

Our Bead Soup Blog Party hostess Lori Anderson somehow manages to read about everyone’s bead soup and leave a personal comment. She may not be all the way through yet, but she will get there. I’m still not done with looking at the 200+ participants in just the third reveal, the one I was in.

I figured if I looked at 10 a day, and left comments, it would take me almost 3 weeks to finish seeing what everyone made. The whole party is so inspiring, if time consuming, and I am determined to see at least all of the third reveal blogs and leave a comment.

Too much for you oh humble blog reader? Luckily, our hostess extraordinaire has set up another way for you to see everything in one spot. Pinterest!

If you want to see the work, but don’t have time to hop around to all of the blogs, check out the Pinterest board for the party, and scroll your way through a wealth of creativity.

pinterest button

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