The best job I’ve ever had…


…being a mom for 30 years.

IMGP4175 IMGP4177 IMGP3780 IMGP2953


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16 responses to “The best job I’ve ever had…

  1. Well done! Happy Mother’sDay!!!


  2. Jill Goldthwait

    Easy for you to say–they’re scrumptious, big or little! Jill


  3. They are adorable and handsome!


  4. Very successful too!


  5. Gail Collier

    Your precious babies have become wonderful, outstanding men! Love, Gail

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  6. I am a little late in commenting…I absolutely love every picture you post of your jewelry – love it. But this, by far, was your best post ever! Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!


  7. Lesley

    Wow .. those boys are Hot with a capital H !!


  8. Absolutely precious, from day one to now!


    • Aww. Thanks Lori. They grow up more quickly than I ever thought they would. Just when I thought that 10 year old angst would mar them for life, they were in high school, then out the door to college and beyond, having become fascinating adults!


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