Daily Archives: July 5, 2013

Life is good

The sun has been out for two days and the weather has turned hot hot hot, and I am NOT complaining about it!

The ocean has even warmed up to 60 degrees. (My friend Cindy thinks it felt more like 58┬░ today.) Just came back from the beach and am heading for the studio. But first a quick blog post so I can move beyond my lament about sun-eaters.

Our son Robin and daughter-in-law Stephanie just left this morning with 40 lbs of lobster to take to a big family dinner at her parents’ home in New Haven, CT. They were here for 5 days, which was just great. Especially since our other son, Fritz, was able to be here from Portland for 3 of those days, with his new girlfriend Ann. More of just great.


To top it all off, my brother Steve and his new friend Janet overlapped the kids’ visit last Sunday and we had our own big family lobster dinner here including Bruce’s sister Karen and her husband Hugh (more Baltimore family) and our mother/mother-in-law Ann.

Life is really really good.  Hope yours is too.


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