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Two red vehicles and a red hat

“How do the cars get out to your island?” A fairly common question from people who might be visiting the island for the first time. My morning mailboat ride gave me the perfect opportunity to answer that question with a blog post.

The ferry was unloading supplies at the Islesford Dock Restaurant, as the Beal and Bunker barge pulled alongside to unload these vehicles at the island’s ramp. (The car and truck were driven onto the barge from the ramp in Northeast Harbor.)


David Bunker pushes the barge with the Double B, while his son Justin maneuvers the winch that lowers the barge’s loading ramps to line up with the concrete ramp on the beach. Lots of ramp stuff going on.

IMGP5068 IMGP5069 Same barge, same loading ramp, same father-son team on a very different day:

IMGP3435┬áTo answer the question, “How do you get ice that is 6″ thick off a barge?”


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