Late August sunset

IMGP5356 IMGP5358 IMGP5362 IMGP5365 IMGP5367


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5 responses to “Late August sunset

  1. holly

    ahhhhhhhhhhhh……..happy birthday to brucie from me! xoxo


  2. renita

    Beautiful pictures!! I wanted to ask about the necklaces that were on your last blog. I know that you were bringing them to a local shop, but I was wondering if there is a way to order a necklace like one of them. I really like them, but I don’t know if you sell on Etsy, or if there’s another way to order.

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    • Hi Renita,
      Why don’`t you send me an e-mail: fernald244(at)
      We could talk about what kind of necklace you might like. I’m always hoping to list some on Etsy, but I haven’t been able to accomplish that and keep up with my local seasonal commitments.


  3. Hmmmm….. the post of those sun setting pictures says “9:35 pm.” Hard to believe we’re so close to the first day of Fall! ;=}
    The location of the setting sun sure has changed since June!


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