First day of school on Islesford

IMGP5373  The quiet school yard soon starts to fill with friends from the community, arriving teachers and students.

IMGP5377 IMGP5380 IMGP5376Ashley Bryan calls it the “That’s ME!” school.

IMGP5378  Teachers Audrey Noether and Lauren Simmons welcome everyone and ask for hopes and good wishes from the group.

IMGP5386 This year’s art teacher, Mary Lyman, is totally overwhelmed by all of the things Ashley has just asked her to memorize. (….just kidding M and A…)



Here’s to a great year for all of the new and returning students and their new teachers!

IMGP5404 IMGP5413

The Ashley Bryan School will have 12 (13?) students this year in grades K through 8. My husband and all of his siblings attended this school, their father attended this school, and both of our sons attended this school. A great island tradition.


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9 responses to “First day of school on Islesford

  1. What a sweet school–and so very different from my kids’ overcrowded schools. Our middle school has 1200 kids, and the high school has more than 2000!


  2. Looks like the base of a column for WW. (already 1/2 done?)


  3. Oh what I would give to have been brought up in this environment! I was one of 55 students in my geometry class in 10th grade…there are times when I don’t know the difference between a triangle and a circle!

    I have to tell you, when I read your posts that are related to your Island Life, my mind immediately goes to Mayberry – obviously, the terrain and temperature differ, but it proves that it is the people that make the town!

    What a sweet post!


  4. holly

    just simply fantastic. wish i was on my way back for a painting workshop…..


  5. Wow…I think you live in a place I call heaven. Perhaps one day I will get to visit. Have a wonderful year!


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