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Greenwich was great!

I had such a wonderful time with our friends Val and Cliff, including dinner in Rye last night with Susie, and then the trunk show at their beautiful home today. Everyone who stopped by today was doing a healthy amount of holiday shopping. I left feeling happy and yet still well stocked for the show at Robin and Stephanie’s in Baltimore next Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Susie and I have a whole lot of fun to accomplish before I head down the road on Tuesday. Tonight we’re making lobster cakes for dinner ┬ábefore going out to the movies to see Gravity. Tomorrow we go into the city, avoiding the NYC Marathon crowd while at the same time wishing all of the runners well, for a matinee of Kinky Boots.

Monday will involve all manner of shopping before I take off for family in Baltimore.

Here’s a pair of the earrings that have been my favorite to wear for the last few months. Still wearing them as I write. I have three versions of this design in my selection for Baltimore along with a whole lot of other goodies. Hope to see you there!



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