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One day left…

…until the show at Val’s!  For 6 weeks I have looked a lot like this:

IMGP4279  Getting ready for 2 shows in one week. I arrived in Rye after an uneventful drive yesterday. Though after staying up the night before to watch the Red Sox win the World Series I admit to stopping and taking TWO naps in an 8 1/2 hour drive! Here’s a small selection of some of the jewelry I’ll be showing in greenwich and Baltimore:

IMGP3131 IMGP1291 IMGP3273 IMGP5054 IMGP5338 IMGP3214 IMGP3526 IMGP3981 IMGP2607 IMGP1337 IMGP8921 IMGP8916IMGP4027 IMGP4810


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