One day left…

…until the show at Val’s!  For 6 weeks I have looked a lot like this:

IMGP4279  Getting ready for 2 shows in one week. I arrived in Rye after an uneventful drive yesterday. Though after staying up the night before to watch the Red Sox win the World Series I admit to stopping and taking TWO naps in an 8 1/2 hour drive! Here’s a small selection of some of the jewelry I’ll be showing in greenwich and Baltimore:

IMGP3131 IMGP1291 IMGP3273 IMGP5054 IMGP5338 IMGP3214 IMGP3526 IMGP3981 IMGP2607 IMGP1337 IMGP8921 IMGP8916IMGP4027 IMGP4810


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6 responses to “One day left…

  1. Everything is so gorgeous, I hope you sell out. But let us know what doesn’t sell!!!! Hint hint!


    • Thanks Sue! Did you see your beads in one of those necklaces? I have several others with your beads combining with my beads. My problem is not taking time to take photographs. Otherwise the Etsy shop would be packed! I’ll likely be taking plenty of photos when I get home.


  2. The third pair of earrings… I have those and they are my favorite, wore them today! Everything is so lovely!


  3. Looking at the earrings, necklaces, loving them and the way you set up the photos – then comes the pic at the end of the guy jumping from a plane! Of course, he’s jumping to get to your table at a show, right? ;=}


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