It’s Town Meeting day in the town of Cranberry Isles

I’m ready to head out the door soon with a Maine Moderator’s Manual in hand in case I am nominated to run the meeting. We alternate between the two islands as to who holds the meeting. This year it is our turn, so I have a few extra minutes at home.

It is also Bead Soup season. Once again the amazing Lori Anderson has paired up almost 500 participants to exchange beads with each other for the annual Bead Soup Blog Party. My partner this year is Barbara Mason from Adorningly Yours.  I’ll be telling you more about her and the beads we exchange this week.  I can’t show you what I sent off  yesterday because I want her to be surprised when she receives them. But here is a clue:

Bead Soup secret


Cool kaleidoscope filter eh?   Now I’m off, with hopes of a peacefully progressive meeting….



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2 responses to “It’s Town Meeting day in the town of Cranberry Isles

  1. Holly

    Where is it held on little cranberry? Neighborhood house?


    • Yup. And We were done by 3! Shocking to be finished so early. The school question took most of the morning. So proud of my town. People spoke with tremendous respect for each other.


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