One of the best things about going away…

…is coming home. Especially yesterday when I had four packages waiting for me. (4! And I had only been away for 2 days!) All of them were jewelry-related which made it even better since I plan to spend the next week locked in my studio, creating.

In my excitement, I took photos late in the day, some with a flash and some without, but I wanted to show you what will inspire me this week. These cool little blue/green sea urchin beads made by Kathi  Mohlman, purchased on Etsy. I know they will find their way onto some future necklace that combines beach rocks, pearls and sea glass. Or maybe they will be set apart with just silver beads…



Next was a package from Sue Kennedy. You already know I am a big fan of her work. I love how well her etched glass beads combine with the colors of the beach rocks I use. I really appreciate that she posts on FaceBook when she adds to her Etsy shop. It reminds me that I need more of her glass beads!

IMGP6349     The late day photography does not do these beads justice. They are gorgeous. (Thanks Sue for the gift of the two little swirly guys!)

The third box was from my Bead Soup Blog Party partner, Barbara Mason. Here’s the box, and what was inside. But, I’ll wait until tomorrow to post the pictures because I think the Bead Soup stuff should have a post of its own. IMGP6355 IMGP6357

Last AND least exciting was the 4th box, from Amazon. I couldn’t remember what I had ordered which amazed my husband. I opened it today and now I know why it was so forgettable. A huge box of hot glue sticks. Necessary for all of the rock drilling I do. Woo hoo. Good times!


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