Taking the 6:30 boat


Everything in me resists getting out of bed early in the morning, but when I have to, I do it, and I’m always glad I did. Today I took the 6:30 commuter off the island to take my car in to the Subaru dealer for a service appointment. At 5 a.m. the just-past-full moon was still high enough in the sky to pour light into my dark room when I lifted the shade. I got to see Bruce before he headed out to haul traps for the day and I made it to the dock without rushing. A good start to the day, made even better by the chance to see the sun rise.

IMGP7190 IMGP7193 IMGP7200

And I had pleasant travel companions on the boat!



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11 responses to “Taking the 6:30 boat

  1. Holly



  2. Sue

    I think that georgeous look from your travel companion says it all…. he looks like he would just like to curl up somewhere more comfortable!


  3. It was almost as gorgeous in my neck of the woods as well – there is just something about a full moon…


  4. Did you see the lunar eclipse yesterday morning? It was too cloudy here to see it.


  5. Shari James

    Beautiful pictures. Have a lovely day!

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