Busy bee


Getting ready for two shows in November and one in December. First, a trunk show at the home of my friend Val Storms in Greenwich, Connecticut. I stopped progress in the studio to make a flyer to e-mail out to friends and family in the area.

2014 Greenwich Show 1

It seemed to come out okay, but could I translate it to an email that would look like this without having to download? Nope. I spent way too long trying to figure it all out, and in the end sent out just the text in the email with attached photos one could see without clicking to download. The good part about all of this is that I will finish the e-mail and post about the upcoming trunk show in Baltimore in much less time after spending so much time now trying to learn this one.

Now back to things that look more like this:





Work in progress!


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11 responses to “Busy bee

  1. I don’t think anyone hates technology more than I do – I feel like a dinosaur sometimes! I just love your progress photos – gorgeous beach glass, stones, and oh my, your silver work is to die for! Best of luck at your shows!


  2. I AM a dinosaur! Thanks Patti. I don’t have a smart phone and I don’t text… Usually it’s fine being out of that loop, but frustrating when I have not kept up with technology enough to know how to do the things I want to do!


  3. Zsash

    Wish my 24-7 tech support (Greg) were closer!


  4. holly

    VERY busy! so tell me about that last pic…are those completed groupings (bracelets?) or does each grouping get combined with other groupings (necklaces?)…..if the grouping get combined, then that is a REVELATION to me…i always find approaching a whole necklace so overwhelming….


    • They are groupings that I will choose from as I’m making a necklace. For that particular necklace design I will use 7 sets of rocks or glass. The wire they are on in the photo is just temporary.
      I almost never have a whole necklace designed before I start. I usually design as I go. Hope your fall is going along swimmingly! xoxo


  5. Ann

    Barb, I do so miss your blogs, as does Mae. She is not currently working at jewelry but I AM! After 20 years of living off fiber, I am oh so tired of spinning and knitting; one day about a year ago I looked at Mae working of jewelry and thought “I WANT TO DO THAT”. Of course I am in the intermediate learning process at this point but the stones and metals have captured my soul. Still, I have to work at fibers due to my loyal following. Imagine the outcry if you quit jewelry? Yeah, they have to have their handspun sweaters, hats, scarves and shawls. So right now it’s me 24/7 doing everything. Too many penguins, not enough icebergs.
    But I miss the inspiration of your work and the photos of the Island. I doubt I’d recognize anyone if I visited but it still lives close to my heart.
    Ann (Bright) Pierce
    PS I’ve been sober for years now, you will be happy to know. Nary a toke or a glass of wine since I don’t know when. Feels better!


    • Ann! So nice to hear from you. Ugh, I know I have been terrible about blogging. When I got my annual report saying what blog posts had been read by whom, (in general) I went on to read that I had posted once in the last year. Once! Wow. I am really out of the habit.
      I’m pretty excited to see what you’ve been up to with jewelry. Isn’t it fun? Congratulations on a loyal following with the fibers. Now you can be a fiber person and a jeweler. Also congratulations on your sobriety. I quit 30 years ago, but then tried it again after 17 years. Hmm…nope…I still have a problem. Just celebrated my 12th anniversary the second time around. Life is definitely better for me without drugs and alcohol. I’ll try to get back on the horse and get my blog going. I appreciate knowing that you were following it. Do you have a blog or website for your fiber/jewelry? xoxo Barb


      • ann pierce

        Sent from Windows Mail


      • Ann

        Hearing back from you has lifted a heavy weight from my heart. Hardly a day goes by when you are not in my thoughts…
        Can we continue this by email?
        There is so much to talk about!
        Love you still,
        PS Please tell Martha that I have purchased and read ALL of her books and if she is going to use events from my life I want a share of royalties! :-)


  6. Sure! My e-mail is fernald244(at)gmail.com.


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