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Gilley Beach

Today, the weather here was just gorgeous. I didn’t even realize it until later this afternoon. I spent a good part of the day drilling rocks for necklaces. It’s a job that takes time and sounds tedious, but I like it and I seem to go into a “zone” when I do it. I listened to a book on CD, and thought about how I would use the rocks and which ones I wanted to drill next. I lost track of time. When I came up for air, the wind had died down, the sun was out and the temperature was above 60º for the first time since last November. Bruce came in from lobstering and we took a walk. Once again Bruce took the road home and I went home via the beach. Just before we split up, we saw our first Great Blue Heron of the season. We watched it land in the top of a tree. (So funny to see such a large leggy bird in a spruce tree.)

I walked home slowly, taking time to look for more little rocks to drill, hoping to find some sea glass or something else really unusual. I picked up a few things, but mostly just enjoyed being in the warm air and listening to the sound of the waves sucking at the rocks as they went out, then crashing gently as they came in.

A bit of a swell had come up yesterday with the wind,  stirring up kelp from under the water and tossing it up on the beach. Decomposing kelp can get kind of smelly, but with the wind direction, the warm air, and fresh kelp on the beach, the whole place smelled like an oyster tastes. Really fresh.

Along with the little rocks, I picked up some pieces of driftwood to use for photo props. I got home around 5:30, happy to have made spaghetti sauce and to have washed lettuce for a salad before I went out. It was one of the better walks I’ve taken, and they’re all pretty darn good.


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More walking

Bruce and I try to walk together every afternoon, though he has become such a badminton fanatic that his games often compete with our walk schedule. No badminton on Sundays, so today we walked to the old Coast Guard Station. (Now a private home.) It’s a walk we take quite often and if the tide is low, I like to walk back along the beach where it’s only sandy at the lowest tide. Bruce knows that means I want to look for rocks and beach glass. He wants to get home sooner so he walks back on the road.

I did not find the fascinating little pieces I always hope to pick up, but I did find inspiration in the lines and patterns left by the receding water.





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Afternoon walk

Sunny Saturday, low tide.

Yesterday’s snow is still on the mountains of Mount Desert Island, but not on the beaches of Little Cranberry Island.




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