More walking

Bruce and I try to walk together every afternoon, though he has become such a badminton fanatic that his games often compete with our walk schedule. No badminton on Sundays, so today we walked to the old Coast Guard Station. (Now a private home.) It’s a walk we take quite often and if the tide is low, I like to walk back along the beach where it’s only sandy at the lowest tide. Bruce knows that means I want to look for rocks and beach glass. He wants to get home sooner so he walks back on the road.

I did not find the fascinating little pieces I always hope to pick up, but I did find inspiration in the lines and patterns left by the receding water.





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6 responses to “More walking

  1. You have an artist’s eye for sure. Seeing inspiration in the lines and patterns is pretty cool. I expect to be seeing some jewelry in the future that mimics those lines and patterns.


  2. crnbrycst

    Love the rocks and their reflections.


  3. Sally Anderson

    These are gorgeous photos. You do have a great photographer’s eye!


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