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Squirrel free zone

We have two windows in our kitchen, and through one of them, by the kitchen table, we can see the bird feeder Bruce built long ago when our kids were small. For my birthday, a few years ago, my brother Steve gave me a second feeder to put up so I could watch birds from the other window; the one I look through every time I am at the kitchen sink.

When he went to the bird feeder store, the salesperson showed him several nifty designs to discourage squirrels from eating the seed.

If you  Google “squirrel proof bird feeder,” within 16 seconds you will have 210,000 results. I guess keeping squirrels away from bird feeders is a pretty common problem. But as my brother explained to the helpful clerk, squirrels are just not an issue for people on Little Cranberry Island.  We have no squirrels. At all. None. (No chipmunks either.)  The sales clerk could not believe it. “I want to live there!” she exclaimed.

Sometimes, when I look out at my bird feeders, I have to remember just how lucky I am not to have to deal with squirrels.




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