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was the exact opposite of yesterday. It was rainy (pouring actually) instead of sunny, a chilly 38º instead of 60º, and I was off the island for the day instead of home getting things done and going for a beachy walk.  All nastiness was related to the weather, and at least it wasn’t snow, so I am not really complaining. I’m just making a comparison and maintaining a little awe in the fact that the two days were so completely different.

Today had a full share of good things despite the gloomy weather. Bruce and I spent the off-island day together, which almost never happens unless we are taking a trip somewhere. We were looking at new couches and chairs, figuring out what we might get to replace our 17 year old recliner couch that is starting to look a little tacky and does not have the comfort it used to have to compensate for its appearance. Visually, I am not a recliner person. The exposed metallic mechanisms, when in recline, just make me want to look away and pretend they are not mine. But they really are comfortable and you can’t beat a good recliner for watching Netflix, so this is the kind of furniture we looked at. At the first store, most of the pieces we tried were overstuffed, or not comfortable enough, or had microfiber upholstery, or sported fake leather. Nothing really excited either of us, so on we moved to the next store….where there was no such thing as a recliner sofa. What they did have, though, were the most comfortable reclining chairs I’ve ever experienced. The chairs, made by IMG Norway, had a more contemporary design than I thought I would like, but I could get used to them pretty quickly. I have never sat in anything so comfortable in my life. An ergonomic reclining chair. Who knew?

We pried ourselves out of the chairs to go to our favorite restaurant, Cleonice, for lunch, where the food is consistently excellent. Bruce had the lamb burger and I had the spinach salad with goat cheese, hazel nuts, and bacon.  It is also where my friend and jeweler Cara Romano works when she is not at a show or in the studio. She was there today and we had a minute to catch up and discuss the price of silver before the lunch crowd started to arrive.

We finished up the off island day with grocery shopping, a quick visit with my mother in Bar Harbor, and a chance to read my book while Bruce had his annual check up at the Family Health Center. We made it back to N.E. Harbor in the nick of time for a windy wet ride home on the 3:30 mailboat. Bruce got a fire going in the wood stove while I put groceries away and then we went back out for a dinner invitation to celebrate our friend David’s 60th birthday party.

A full day.




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