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3 friends hatched a plan…

…on yesterday’s early ride home.

The mailboat passed us heading in to Northeast Harbor to pick up passengers for the 3:30 run.  Happily, we were not among those waiting at the dock for their ride to Islesford. We were almost home.

Once home, we all helped unload each other’s stuff by making a chain and passing bags along up the steps.

Cindy Thomas, Stefanie Alley and I all happened to be on David Thomas’ boat yesterday. We are 3 of the 4 die-hard members of Dip of the Month Club. The air was 60 degrees, the tide was pretty high, there was no wind, and none of us had gone for our April dip. It was a no brainer. Though we tried and were unable to locate Joy Sprague, our fourth member, we agreed to meet at 4 p.m. for our dip. The water temperature was 41 degrees. We’ve been running into the water and getting horizontal at least once every single month for over 8 years. We have no plans to stop anytime soon.

Yesterday it felt so good to get out of the water and stand in the warm air (60 degrees is very warm for us this April) in our bathing suits, that we went in for the dip 3 times. A rare triple Easter dip! We know the water will only get warmer between now and November.

Why am I writing today about yesterday? Because today I was off island again, getting groceries and visiting my mom. Our planned stop at the grocery store yesterday was foiled by the fact the the stores were all closed for Easter. Tomorrow I’m hoping for some studio time.


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