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Bench shots

No, it’s not a spring snowstorm drink. Although we did lose power for a few hours this afternoon, convincing me that taking a nap was exactly the way to beat the storm.

With several necklaces in progress, and only one finished,  I took some photos of what’s on my bench.  My process is to string beads, on and off pieces of wire, until I like the combination. No matter how many times I organize the beads  in front of me, I always end up with messy piles to feed my creativity. Out of sight, out of mind, you know.  I like to have everything out where I can see it.  I might sketch a few basic ideas, but my best results come from trial and error. I worked all winter to create and gather lots of components, so I could make a big mess finding ways to put them together.

I really liked making the pod bead, below. I might pair it with the reddish glass beads from SueBeads.

Beginning a beach rock necklace with some PMC beads.

Considering ways to put sea glass together.


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Early post…

…only to keep up with my daily blog post record! The power just started to blink a little, and if we lose it, we’ll lose our internet connection.

It’s snowing and raining here on Little Cranberry Island,  a heavy mix for the trees and the wind is picking up. At least the intermittent rain is keeping the snow level down. AND I have my own special aroma therapy for days like this.


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