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Saturday night away felt like a whole weekend

I forgot to take any photos of our family get-together in Portland on Saturday night. It was Kelly’s (Bruce’s sister’s) big 50th birthday. Her mom Ann,  and 4 of her 5 siblings traveled to Portland to celebrate with her. Our son, Fritz, had to work on Saturday night, but his girlfriend Meg was able to join us. We spent a good bit of the late afternoon in the bar area of the Portland Harbor Hotel where a few of us were staying the night. Kelly met us there after finishing work at her store, Nomads. We all met again at Sonny’s for appetizers and then on to Ribollita for a fine Italian meal.

We met for brunch, on Sunday morning, at Kelly and Al’s house. Al had prepared a delicious spread of fresh fruit, blueberry muffins, fritatta, and bagels from her bakery, Scratch. Bruce and I finally got to see Fritz and meet our new grandpup, Rocky. (Bruce is not a fan of dogs, so he says Rocky can be my granddog.) Fritz says that Rocky is probably the closest we are going to get to a real grandchild any time soon!

Not only does Al make incredible bread to eat, she makes bread to use in her flower arrangements. I have to remember this trick.

I may not have any sisters, but I am compensated and blessed with wicked cool sisters-in-law!


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A good day

After taking the beach walk yesterday and picking up a bag o’ props, today was a perfect sunny day to take more jewelry photos and put some of those props to work. With good light and some pieces lined up to photograph for my Etsy shop, I felt I was making some headway with the prop/photo learning curve. I also had a pretty good time, with the side benefit of being around all day to tend  fermenting dough for 2 more loaves of bread.

This might be one of my favorites so far. The circles and lines of the earrings are subtly echoed in the piece of driftwood behind them.

My good day set me up to post more work on Etsy tomorrow. I can also eat some toast while I write up those descriptions.

I promise I’ll stop forever posting bread photos. But I am still amazed that the recipe for Country Bread, from the Tartine Bread cookbook, has helped me produce beautiful loaves of bread every single time. I always wanted to know how to make bread that looked and tasted like this. Their technique is fool proof!

I wonder how bread would look as a prop for a jewelry photo………..


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