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Happy Valentine’s Day

Islesford streetlight. Slow exposure "drawing," red photo shop color.

I love to love Valentine’s Day.  I am so extremely fortunate to be happily married* to the love of my life.   One of the most fun and simple things we’ve done for each other is to leave notes around, throughout the year, especially when our busy schedules keep us from seeing each other much. When I have deadlines, I tend to go back to work after dinner, leaving traces of my work and tools around until I pick them up in the morning. Sometimes those traces evoke notes from Bruce like this:



or this:



My all time favorite note and Valentine is from 21 years ago. Bruce woke me up and told me to look out the window in 5 minutes:



Best. Valentine. Ever. Though, he came up with a pretty close second this morning. I walked out of our room to see his iPad propped against the stair railing with Dean Martin singing, “That’s Amore!”  It’s like I have my own private “Valentine Bandit.”  Somewhere we still have one of the bandit’s fliers from 1978 that proclaims: “It’s not only ONE day!”

Hearts are everywhere in nature, reminding us to open up our own heart and spread some love. Little gifts from the universe. Keep an eye out! Just yesterday as I was driving away from my mother’s assisted living facility,  this white snow heart in the middle of a gravel pit called out to be noticed. Such a simple thing, but it made my day.


Sidewalk snow in Portsmouth, N.H.








*happily married is not perfectly married. Thank god there is no such thing. Just so you don’t think we’re so full of schmaltz and sticky sweetness that you would gag if you ever met us, here’s a little piece of reality from my most recent Cranberry Report in the “Working Waterfront.”


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More hearts,

though none of the photos were taken today. I just like to capture heart images when I come across them. The last one is the only one I created. All the others are as they appeared on the ground when I walked by.

Hover over the photo to see where they were taken.


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Why am I trying to do Post a Day 2011?

The Post a Day challenge is a personal one, even though there are many WordPress bloggers who have taken it on. It’s voluntary. Have I gained anything from doing this? I think so. This little challenge has helped me look more closely at my surroundings as I go through my day. My awareness of opportunity is heightened. My creativity is being fed in a way I never expected.

On days like this, when I am up against the wall, trying to find something to post, it does not make me want to throw in the towel and skip a day. It makes me want to take more photos tomorrow, or work on something new in the studio, so I will have more images from which to choose the next time.

I was thinking about making valentines, as I walked around Portsmouth with my friends last weekend. Maybe I would find some interesting paper for a collage? Some cute little cards to send?  I was hoping for some ideas to surface. It never ceases to amaze me how the universe answers the open mind. I walked past this little piece of snow on the sidewalk, noticing it with a delayed reaction. Of course!

A few days later, during my frozen seaweed walk on the beach, this:

Yesterday I looked at dried seaweed pieces I had at home. (Photo prop possibilities?) I thought it would be interesting to capture their shadows in the late afternoon sun, which led me to this:


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