More hearts,

though none of the photos were taken today. I just like to capture heart images when I come across them. The last one is the only one I created. All the others are as they appeared on the ground when I walked by.

Hover over the photo to see where they were taken.


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6 responses to “More hearts,

  1. You are too clever! Happy heart day!!x0x0S


  2. Sally

    I love the Jan 1 one! ….and the rock…..and the ice. I think the Jan 1 is my favorite of those 3.

    Your time exposure is creative – pocket cameras have lots of uses and flexibility.
    (Did you ever see the kids’ book “Sam and the Firefly”? Gus, the firefly, likes to write w/ his light, which stayed lit for a loonnnnnnnggggggg time. He’s mischievous, though, doesn’t draw hearts.)


  3. Barb Fernald

    Thanks Sally. The Jan. 1 one is my favorite too. Just a m,atter of walking on the beach at the right tide with the sun at the right angle. It was a gorgeous day to start the new year.


  4. Jonatha

    Yes, the New Year’s Day heart is the best! Happy Valentine’s Day, beautiful cousin!


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