On Valentine’s Day morning, before I got up….


…my sweetie pie rushed around, hoping I would sleep late, so he could make a card for me.

Just like he did 22 years ago!


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5 responses to “On Valentine’s Day morning, before I got up….

  1. Sally

    I love the presentation tray this year. (Looks like you might have cleared it off to make your post?)
    And I love seeing Bruce’s creativity, now and then. I think your sons got a lot of that from each of you.

    great day! 9:15 and you’ve made the daily post!


  2. Totally great. Love the paintings on your wall!


    • Barb Fernald

      My favorite cows, done by you, are right there where I walk by them dozens of times a day.
      Do you recognize the other artists?
      Clockwise: Karen Smallwood did the little hermit thrush in acrylic. The marsh is painted by Cummins Speakman, Jay Speakman’s father who passed away quite a few years ago. (I wish I knew when it was painted.) Rick Alley did the one of Bruce’s old boat, “Double Trouble,” and your cows are one of my favorite birthday presents from the guys.
      All artists from the Cranberry Isles!
      How’s winter going for you and Stafford?


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