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35 to 40 knots west northwest

It was a pretty good breeze last night, and still a bit breezy this morning as I hurried to board the mailboat and get out of the wind and into the warm cabin. I didn’t even look around as I walked down the dock. But once on the boat, still waiting for the mail to come down from the post office,¬†everyone else was doing this:

What were they looking at through the pilings at low tide?

The hangers had “let go” at the dock end of the bridge at the Cranberry Isles Fishermen’s Co-op. They had worn out more than anyone realized and the nighttime wind and wave action took their toll.

Coming home this afternoon at high tide, I looked over to see if the bridge at the Co-op had been fixed.

Nope. Apparently, before noon, the Acadia Fuel Barge showed up to get the bridge out of the water (it may be made of aluminum but it is heavy and 40 feet long).  They took it to Manset where guys from Ocean House picked it up to do the welding repair. Everyone is hoping it will be back in place by tomorrow, but in the meantime, the only way to get to the co-op float is by skiff.

A slice of island life.

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