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Packing and dyslexia

We’re off on the 8:15 boat tomorrow morning to visit our son and daughter-in-law (I love saying that!) in Baltimore. We haven’t seen Robin and Stephanie since Christmas, and the last time we were at their house was last year in February. (Before they were married.) I can’t wait.

But getting ready involves packing, something I just hate to do. I feel like the “country mouse” going to visit the city. I’m sure won’t have the right things to wear. Or I’ll have too much to fit into my carry-on. Or I’ll wish I had brought different shoes. Blah, blah, blah.  I know. Kind of shallow. These are not real problems. I just need to whine a little about my insecurity. As cities go, I feel a lot better packing to go to Baltimore than I do packing to go to New York!  There. Whining done. Call off the “whaaaaambulance.”

How is dyslexia related to packing you ask?

One of the things I like to do before going away is to clean up the clutter I’ve left around the house.  This means circling through the downstairs of our house (many times)  putting things on the stairs to carry up to my studio. Eventually it all gets done and I am ready to leave in the morning, and super happy to come home to a clean house when we get back.

As I stacked some jars of Pardo clay on the stairs, in the dark hallway, here is what I noticed:

I had unwittingly ordered a jar of luminescent clay, while thinking I needed to order translucent clay. It happens whenever I can’t remember a word. If I think it starts with an “L”, most likely the “L” is in the middle of the word; and vice versa. I had no intention of ordering clay that glowed in the dark, and I didn’t realize I had done it…until I was packing today. Surprise!



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