Daily Archives: February 8, 2012

Rocky re-entry with one day delay

I love where I live, so I love coming home. Yesterday, getting home from our Baltimore trip in the middle of the day was perfect. Today, waking up in my own bed and not having to rush to catch the 8:15 boat was also perfect. (I took the 11:30 boat off the island, and it was actually on time!)

Somewhere during my afternoon off island I lost that “perfect” feeling. By the time I got home again at 5:30, I was suffering a major RMD. (Rapid mood deterioration.) Life just seemed so rough, sad, and annoying. For no reason at all. That’s the confusing part. My mind knows there is nothing wrong, nothing to worry about. But my heart…

Sometimes, re-entry just isn’t smooth.

Good thing I get to wake up again tomorrow morning, in my own bed, and have a whole day to spend in my studio. That’s my plan. New day, new mood.


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