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A couple of drop offs

Today was one of those days where I couldn’t seem to get out of my own way. All I noticed was what I didn’t get done rather than what I managed to do. Pricing and dropping off (mailing) work to two galleries is not nothing, but I thought I would be putting more time in at my bench this week.  I have to spend both Wednesday and Thursday off the island so that means no solid working time until Friday. Well, no need to call in the waa waambulance. I’ll just post some photos of what I managed to finish and get myself off to bed early. Tomorrow is a new day and we can only live them one at a time, right?

The necklaces below (along with 9 pairs of earrings I did not take time to photograph) went in the mail today to Red Dot Gallery in Deer Isle, Maine. I almost forgot to photograph them, so the photos are rushed and the price tags are already attached. D’oh.

IMGP5041 IMGP5035 IMGP5044 IMGP5037


The second “drop off” was to Winter’s Work, right here on Little Cranberry Island.  Again I rushed through the photos, and I did not take time to photograph the earrings I priced.  Summer is just crazy busy.

IMGP5047 IMGP5054 IMGP5059 IMGP5062 IMGP5048 IMGP5065


Off to bed for me!


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Fidgety earrings

The one-hole bead on each fine silver earring is suspended from a wire with a balled end. The two sides of the beads have different textures. Because of the pivot action on the wire, the beads on these earrings move around a lot as you wear them. Fun to play with when you wear them, but even if you don’t touch them, they like to fidget on their own!

They’re in the mail right now on their way to Red Dot Gallery on Deer Isle. Opening for the season on Friday, May 18.


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I love my new lights!

And the photo cube.  Before I priced pieces to send off to Red Dot Gallery on Deer Isle, I took the time to experiment some more with my new photo set up. I love having so much light available at the flick of a switch. What a concept.

It was interesting to see how different background colors and prop colors  affected the feel of the photos, especially when the pieces were more colorful. (as opposed to being all silver) Here are just a few of the shots I took today:

Translucent Pardo polymer clay, colored with alcohol ink, embedded silver.

Stick or plexiglass rod? Which do you think works better? I waffle….

More translucent Pardo with embedments.

Same plexiglass rod, but different background colors. Bronze and copper metal clay.

Seaham Beach sea glass, fine silver PMC beads, Sue Kennedy lamp work beads:

Cedar print fine silver PMC beads on silver plated Beadalon™ with sterling silver and nephrite jade:


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Waiting until the last minute

I don’t know why I do it, it just seems to be my style. This morning I priced and packaged jewelry to send to the Red Dot Gallery in Deer Isle. They are reopening for the season on May 15. I was supposed to have my consignment pieces there a week before the opening, but here I was this morning, rushing around at the last minute to get my package to the post office before the mail went out at 11:30. I had planned to get this done over the weekend, but I didn’t.

After a busy week, I stepped away from responsibilities and took care of myself in a way I didn’t realize I needed. I slept for 10 hours on Friday night, and took a 2 hour nap on Saturday (after reading for an hour).  I did the NYT crossword puzzle on Sunday, and took time to photograph some pieces to submit for consideration for the 2011 PMC Annual. That deadline is May 15, so maybe I actually did do some jewelry related work over the weekend. Whatever I did or didn’t do, I know that tonight I finally feel like I’ve caught up with myself.


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