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A Photo a Day?

I am intrigued by the artists with a daily routine. Those who produce a painting a day, a short story a day, a photograph or drawing a day. There is even a jeweler who makes a necklace a day. (http://necklaceadaybykay.blogspot.com) While I am not inclined to make a necklace every day, I am quite interested in taking a photograph of ongoing work in my studio and posting it on my site for the discipline of spending time in the studio each day and keeping a daily blog. I begin with the return of the “finalist” necklace.




It’s one necklace with two different sides. Though I did not win first or second prize in the 2009 Saul Bell Award competition, I am still proud to be one of the 5 finalists out of 80 international entries. If I could go back and change one thing about this piece, it would be to make my own clasp. I made half of it, but the commercial lobster claw, though pretty and effective in securing the necklace,  is still a commercial clasp available to anyone. This is the one I learn from.                       More necklace information on the Gallery page.

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Mary Lyman’s Needle Felting Workshop


This was a fun workshop and my first foray into needle felting.  So relaxing. Really!


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