What’s cookin’?

Here is a good reason to be away from home and out of the studio for a few days. A trip to Boston with Bruce to attend our son’s graduation! Excellent food at this event. We hope Fritz finds a job soon. (But maybe but not before he comes home to show off his skills during Christmas.) Mixed hopes and dreams. We are proud parents.

Cameron Fritz with one of his instructors, Jean-Jacques Paimblanc.

And with his proud mom and dad!


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5 responses to “What’s cookin’?

  1. holly

    yay fritz (he looks just like his papa!)!!!
    congrats to him and his proud parents!


  2. Susan White

    You all look terrific. Congrats. Hope you’re home by a warm fire now!!


  3. fernald244

    Thank you Susan and Holly. It was a really nice time. Our fingers are crossed that Fritz finds a cooking job. He’s lucky to have found something he loves to do.


  4. n

    b – nice necklaces on fritz….did you make those? n


    • fernald244

      Nora Dora!
      One of the student’s family sent fresh leis from Hawaii because they couldn’t bet there. The men all had palm leaves and some kind of black nut, and the women had ginger blossoms. They smelled like freesia. The medallion on the red ribbon is what they received with their certificate. Guess who’s cooking at our house next week!
      xoxo B


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