Its that time of year…

…when my studio turns into a closet. Argh! I had it so clean and tidy today after finishing up my last Christmas order. I was all ready to get to work on my Christmas presents for my sons’ girlfriends. But then there were the sons’ bedrooms to straighten up, the gift wrapping stuff to move from the dining room table, and the linen closet to organize so there would be room for all of the extra jewelry stuff like gift boxes, bags, tissue paper, and random photography props and lights… that I had been storing in the unused bedrooms of those two wonderful boy/men.  With all bedrooms being used, and space at a premium in our modestly sized house, the serene open spaces of my newly cleaned studio  beckon us to hide everything in that room and close the door. Bye bye clean studio! Needless to say, I will  not be taking a photo  of my workspace in its Holiday closet phase.


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2 responses to “Its that time of year…

  1. Susan White

    All worth it though. Do I sense a WW column coming out of this???


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