Just wondering…

…if anyone else ever feels like they are in some weird application process to write copy for a J.Peterman Catalog, when they are trying to come up with descriptions for their Etsy page?

Making just a bit more progress today before going away for the weekend. Today’s posts on Etsy were easier to make than my first attempts last night. It helped to start taking photos earlier in the day and to have good light. As for the “J. Peterman” part…I have to admit, I kind of like it.


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5 responses to “Just wondering…

  1. holly

    i am simply NO GOOD at the j. peterman part. have you noticed that my descriptions have gotten shorter and shorter as time has gone on?! and people really love the j peterman stuff….it helps them decide to buy….really!


    • fernald244

      hey, I did notice your descriptions were getting shorter. I really loved the longer ones. The short ones are good too, but I kept checking yours to get an idea of what to write.
      Oh yeah. people might buy stuff?


  2. Congratulations, Barb!! Hey, I noticed you already had a sale…I hope your shop does well. It’s kind of nice, once all that dreaded description-writing is done, to have a message in your inbox telling you that you’ve sold something .


  3. Hi Barb,
    It’s jhaines.etsy.com
    Come on in and have a look around!


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