Going to Portland, Maine?

Don’t forget a stop at Nomads on Commercial Street. My sister-in-law Kelly Fernald is having a great sale right now and she’ll be getting in some great stuff for spring. (Woo hoo! Click on the Nomads link in this post. Kelly took a dip on the island last week!)

During our recent weekend together, Susie and Cathleen bought new hats!

Brenda and I were wearing our very warm and stylish down coats, purchased recently right here at Nomads.


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4 responses to “Going to Portland, Maine?

  1. Susan White

    Looks like another terrific girls’ weekend!


    • fernald244

      Hi Susan,
      You know it! This year we did an in-room pot luck dinner on Friday. i think we’ll do that every year. It was relaxing not to go out and we saved $$$. I also had my electric tea kettle for tea whenever I wanted. Cath made smoothies for breakfast on Sunday. It was the cheapest dining weekend we’ve ever had!


  2. oo I’ve been eyeing that coat Brenda has on, is it the Isis Town Coat? Love it! Looks like you had fun!


    • fernald244

      Hi Meg,
      I don’t think it’s an Isis coat. Only because I thought Kelly said they were going out of business. And Cathy already asked Kelly to order her one for next year when the new designs come out. I wonder if you could find out by visiting the Nomads site?
      Hope you hear from MECA today!!! YES of course!


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