Something for everyone…

…at the Lexington Market in Baltimore.


Art students drawing…

Motown musicians…


More food…

Hi Nora!


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5 responses to “Something for everyone…

  1. holly

    i’m glad there was no raccoon carcass under the sign! looks like fun! too bad i’ll be at work, or i’d offer you and bruce lunch/dinner on your way back north…..


    • fernald244

      Yeah, I was wondering about that raccoon carcass. Thanks for the thought on lunch. We flew out of Manchester, so we won’t be passing by your house.
      Hey, that woman dancing was WILD! She was definitely intense, hopped up on something. At one point she came over and said, “Weren’t you here last week?” It was wild.


  2. n

    Hi Barb, I’m going to go to Chinatown to see what little critters I can dig up for you. I’m so glad you think of me whenever you see “dead meat”! N


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