Pending Pendant Possibilities

Some of these reversible pendants have been waiting to be filled for a few months. Others were fired last week. My plan is to use clear resin to cover a paper collage or a fill of beads on the reverse side. I’ve tried two kinds of resin with mixed results. Success and failure. Enough to make me want to try a new product.

Based on this review from the Miss Ficklemedia blog, I’m going to give ICE resin a try. Stay tuned, but don’t quit your day job. I have yet to make the collages, then will need to seal them and let them dry. Then I’ll apply one layer of ICE, let it set, then add the final layer, and then let them cure for a couple days. Jeeze. I’m such an instant gratification person, it will be hard to wait. (Yes, some of my resin failures are great collages, with a fingerprint smudging the resin surface because I though it would be set after a day or so.)  Two word note to self: Test piece.


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2 responses to “Pending Pendant Possibilities

  1. holly

    ooooooo! you sure know how to leave a girl hangin’! i can’t wait that long!!!!! are those seed beads in the recesses already filled?


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