Adding to Etsy

I spent a good part of the day adding new jewelry to my Etsy site. Check it out! I always think that once I take the photographs, I’m in the home stretch. Hmm…not so much. There’s the cropping, choosing, and resizing of photos, then writing the descriptions. But what can I say. I love my job!

Before the three days of rain, I had a chance to use my favorite photography studio: the dining room window. Favorite studio accessories: white tissue paper, sun, and a stick.

Next batch of work to make into jewelry. I love how it looks when oxidized and fresh out of the tumbler.


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4 responses to “Adding to Etsy

  1. These pictures thrilled me to the bone. I love your unique textures, Barb!


  2. holly

    wowee wow wow! you have been mighty productive…makes me feel guilty for having gotten so little accomplished on my week off…hey, i DID paint all the woodwork in my newly-finished basement! that photo of your picture taking set-up is extremely helpful for me…i’m always waiting for gray days, but that tissue paper on the window is great…


    • fernald244

      Holly, it sounds like you got a LOT done! I have a painting project in our hallway that I have been putting off for years. I just walk right by the primer and never look at it! I LOVE the tissue paper for diffusing the light. It almost seems too easy and too simple. Sometimes I wear it like an apron/bib if my clothes are showing up reflected in the pieces I’m trying to photograph. Practice for when I get older and need a bib to eat! ha ha.


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