Big event on a little island

July 4 picnic in the Town Field.  Volunteers get together to help prepare and serve a choice of lobster, chicken, hot dogs or veggie burgers, in an annual fund raising event for the Islesford Neighborhood House. This is one of those summer kick-off occasions where people who haven’t seen each other since last August get a chance to ask, “How was your winter?”

Two artists, a poet, and a freelance event planner get ready to demonstrate their barbecue expertise.

Who can identify this food item?


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6 responses to “Big event on a little island

  1. hey, that looks like fun!
    i’m going to say burned marshmallow?
    did you grill, too?


    • fernald244

      I grilled the veggie burgers. Everyone else wanted to do chicken or hot dogs. I think my job was the easiest!
      Not a burned marshmallow. Guess again?


  2. Susan White

    What a great day! Overdone veggie burger?


  3. i got nothin’ for another guess……..


    • fernald244

      Oh, okay. It was the top of a hamburger bun that fell into the charcoal. The only casualty from my little grill.
      Meanwhile, what a stupid day and night I’ve had trying to get going in the studio. Guess I’ll go pay some bills. Tomorrow is a Mom day, off island.


  4. Susan White

    Can you hear me now? Boy, is it boiling hot already!!


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