I did not set a mousetrap…

…but this is what I saw when I turned on the kitchen light, after coming home in the dark from a dinner out with friends:

It freaked me out! I turned off the light and left the room rather quickly as I tried to imagine who would be disturbed enough to leave a bloated dead mouse (mole? vole?) in the middle of our kitchen.

When I realized it was not moving, I went back, turned on the light, and took a closer look…

A gift from Eliza, island prankster and grower of beets.


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6 responses to “I did not set a mousetrap…

  1. Susan White

    HaHaHaHaHa!!! Too Funny!!!!!!


  2. Susan White

    Too Funny!!!!!!


  3. fernald244

    I stand corrected: EEk! a radish!!


  4. what a fun friend to have around!


  5. Sam

    OMG I hope Frank never sees this photo!! He will spend hours doing the marketing in search of a mate for your beet!


    • fernald244

      Well…….Eliza and I were just wondering who should get it next. We put it back at Anna’s. Now that the beet/radish is really shriveled, it looks even more like a dead mouse! Maybe it needs to make its way around the North Shore of the island!


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