I’m tired of looking at that mouse photo,

but I am surrounded by things I never get tired of seeing.

Like, the view from a summer commute on the  mailboat:

The bald eagle who watches over the swimmers at the Islesford sand beach:

The diners who rush out of the Islesford Dock Restaurant, on a clear night…

…to take their pictures of this:

And how happy  our summer roommates are when they actually have time to spend with each other!


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5 responses to “I’m tired of looking at that mouse photo,

  1. holly kellogg

    sweet roommates! luck you to have an eagle neighbor! i saw one, ONCE in my whole life…he flew by me (6ft wingspan) while i was standing alone on a dock in the adirondacks…so close i could feel the breeze from his wings..it was breathtaking…


    • fernald244

      Wow, I’ve never had one fly by that close. But we are lucky to see them a lot up here.
      And I’ll be lucky to be seeing you in 2 weeks!


  2. Susan

    Great pics Barb!


  3. holly kellogg

    can’t wait, can’t wait!


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