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Oh…I get it.

By doing away with my original “theme” I had to make some changes. I lost the header I was using, which made me change the header photo. As I was adding back the widget for my links, I started looking at font options. (Widgets? I still have so much to learn!) But, I like the new font, and I didn’t even know I could customize it until tonight.

Change = growth. And I thought I was just going to go to bed early tonight.


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What Happened????

I can’t believe WordPress just did away with my blog format and put in one of their own that I didn’t choose!! Where are my features from yesterday? The order of the blogs of my friends and the tips and tricks category?

I’ll straighten this out or have a new look soon. But if this format looks different to you, it does to me too and I’m not so happy about it…..

Too tired to take this on tonight.

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