Oh…I get it.

By doing away with my original “theme” I had to make some changes. I lost the header I was using, which made me change the header photo. As I was adding back the widget for my links, I started looking at font options. (Widgets? I still have so much to learn!) But, I like the new font, and I didn’t even know I could customize it until tonight.

Change = growth. And I thought I was just going to go to bed early tonight.


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7 responses to “Oh…I get it.

  1. ooooooo! i love your new header photo! this new format looks great! over there in the right column at the top…the top of the letters of “barb’s etsy shop” are getting cut off, if you care…


  2. Susan White

    looks great1


  3. Love it!! I’ve been using WordPress for a few years and have built 5 different sites for myself and relatives. I’m certainly no expert, but if you get stuck I would be happy to try to help.

    btw – on my monitor the letters are not cut off. That’s one of the biggest challenges. Just because it looks good on one computer is no guarantee…


  4. fernald244

    Thank you my friend. I also noticed the letters getting cut off. But, I’m not sure how to fix it. I was so annoyed at having to change stuff last night. August has become so frantic here, that I am exhausted. I did NOT want to stay up late to deal with stuff I didn’t know how to do!
    Maybe I’ll figure out how to actually put a photo there. Word Press does not allow for an easy Etsy widget to put photos there like you have. Argh, again!
    I do like the font……


  5. don’t spend too much time on “argh” because it really looks lovely. rest, if you’re exhausted…say a resounding “no” to unnecessary things. take good care of yourself, and remember september is just around the corner!


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