Oh, what to wear…

…to cocktails and dinner in Northeast Harbor with the New York Yacht Club? We were invited by dear friends who were raising funds from the sailing crowd to help pay back lobster fishermen for some of the gear that gets lost due to being cut off by yachts passing through. The money will go to the Gulf of Maine Lobster Foundation to help continue their “ghost trap” work. (Recovering old lobster traps from the ocean floor.) It was a really nice thing to do, and the dress was much more casual than I expected.

Luckily I found a little black skirt I have not worn for a few years, paired it with a salmon t-shirt and salmon sash belt, and put on one of my old faithful necklaces of PMC beads. (The necklace from the old header photo.) I think I even looked okay, and I was very comfortable, if  a tad over dressed for the occasion. Always better to be over dressed than underdressed don’t you think?   Bruce wore my favorite shirt  with nattily dressed fish.  We were unplanned in our color coordination!

I was afraid the group would be a bit stuffy, but our dinner companions were delightful, and the family style dinner of antipasto, salad, garlic bread and ziti with meatballs was quite tasty, and relaxing.  Thank you to our hosts, and thank you to the N.Y. Yacht Club for their generosity toward fishermen with whom they share the same ocean real estate.


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3 responses to “Oh, what to wear…

  1. Those natilly dressed fish crack me up! For the rest of the day, if I feel the least bit blue, I will think of those fish and smile!


    • fernald244

      I bought that shirt for Bruce at least 20 years ago. It’s his favorite. Those fish crack me up too. Its the first time I ever thought to photograph them. They are fading….
      I hope you don’t feel blue at all today. If I do, I’ll start thinking of Celie’s workshop in September and seeing you, Holly, Angie and Marly!


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