Beach rock necklaces and hurried photos

At this point in August I feel a little bit “fried” from trying to work and keep up with the fantastic pace of friends and visitors who are squeezing a lot of activity  into their 2 week vacations.  How could the summer go by so quickly?  There have been so many events and no way to attend them all, without being two places at once. A few years ago, I heard someone say, “My life is SO busy!  It is so full of good things.” I try to remember that. Busy does not have to equal bad.  But sometimes it means rushing through something where more time should be taken.

Sunday was the first gray, cool day we have had in a while and I was able to work all day in the studio to make some necklaces for Alone Moose Gallery in Bar Harbor. It was exactly the kind of day I had been craving. By Monday morning, I was back to the rush. Taking photos at 8 a.m. by the window, before hurrying off to yoga class and then rushing to catch the boat to go off island to drop the necklaces off. How do people manage to blog daily and add in great photos? I just have to accept that, in August, I am not going to figure that out!


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6 responses to “Beach rock necklaces and hurried photos

  1. Beautiful, as usual.

    I haven’t figured out either how people create, photograph and post so many things, sometimes daily. a mystery to me.

    I’ve even given up spending time on FB, only about 15 min a day now.


    • fernald244

      Wow Anita. I still need to learn to limit FB time. Have been forcing myself to pick up a book first, and it helps. I’m actually getting back to some reading. Thanks for the nice compliment on the necklaces.


  2. holly kellogg

    lovely necklaces!
    i’ve been painting the new studio rather than working in the old one, or getting ready for school! it is finally finished, so furniture gets moved and to school to unpack supplies…all tomorrow!


  3. Your Mother

    I really like your blogs and website. When did you have all the time to do this beautiful jewelry when taking care of me so well! I can’t think of anything else to say now.


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