Finished piece from workshop

After catching up on some work in the studio, I took a little time to finish the piece I had started in Celie Fago’s  “PMC Pendant with New Polymer Inlay Techniques” workshop a few weeks ago. My feelings about this piece go up and down like a see-saw. I like it – I don’t like it.  I’m not sure how much I will actually wear it, but I had fun finishing it. It was so honkin’ big, I figured it could carry a few silver dangles on the bottom. Once I had gone that far, I decided to use some enameled head pins for faux rivets on the side, because I liked their robin’s egg blue color with the polymer.  I wish their color showed up better in these photos. (The enameled head pins are from Miss Ficklemedia’s Etsy shop) The polymer inlay is my least favorite part of this piece. I would definitely make a PMC bezel like this again, but it would be a little more shallow next time. And I might fill the bezel with a collage set in resin, or who knows? I might even come up with a piece polymer inlay I like better.



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10 responses to “Finished piece from workshop

  1. holly k

    Dang, girl! That looks GREAT! Inspires me to finish mine!


    • fernald244

      Thanks Holly. It was satisfying to finish it, whether I like it or not, so I will probably finish my second one soon. This week it will be rocks rocks and more rocks, after I write the Waterfront column tomorrow. How can it be that time again already?!


  2. Well done! I might finish mine in January. That’s the next time I anticipate having time to do it!


  3. Susan White

    I like it Barb! Good to see you yesterday…and to meet Karen. Pack, pack, pack today…10:00 Barge tomorrow…xo


    • fernald244

      I was so glad to see you yesterday. What a hard day for you and everyone else who was close to Renna.
      It looks like good weather for the barge tomorrow. Good luck. Oh duh. You probably have your computer all packed…..


  4. jackiehaines

    Nice job! I love the colors. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with using these new techniques. I agree on the bezel-making…I’ll definitely be using this bezel method in my own work.


  5. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving from Angie and I!
    We have just returned from a wonderful long weekend get away with friends at the cottage! Sunshine and warm temperatures during the day and stargazing at night! Came home to find your Celie piece posted.
    Beautiful! We think you had better luck at keeping your colors on the polymer part than we did! I also love how you fitted the metal clay back piece to go inside the bezel. The bezel itself make such a lovely frame. We definitely had the “see-saw” experience with ours too but lots of learning in the process!


    • fernald244

      Happy Thanksgiving. My son said that loads of Canadians were visiting Portland, Maine this weekend. The restaurant where he works served 300 dinners on Saturday and 280 last night!
      You know, I had trouble with the color coming off my polymer, too. I have one of the sandwich type of pieces, where the polymer is more recessed. maybe I’ll have better luck with that color staying in place. But I have to teach myself to rivet before I finish it.


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